Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ouch! That stings a little.

I was just looking at some past posts on my blog and came across this one about super why flyers.

Go ahead and click on the link in that post and see how much things have changed in a year and a half...

wha wha wha.

I thought I was making bank at $40 for the set.

Crazy times.

THIS kind of stuff is what might turn us all into crazy hoarders that never want to sell our stuff because it might TRIPLE in value in a year or two?!

And I was just getting ready to do a major inventory purge... hmmm.

Has this happened to you with an item you've sold?


The Thrifty Momma Says said...

Yes. I almost purged a Ty Blues Clues plush that I listed last year and never sold. It sat unlisted over the summer. Just for the heck of it I listed it again on a free listing day with a higher price and Cha Ching for almost twice what I had it listed for last year

Michelle C said...

That is insane!!! Yikes!!! I'm so surprised people spend that kind of money on such things.

$39.99 for only spending $2 is still awesome!!

Megan Michele said...

WOAH! I ant believe what people will spend sometimes. That hasnt happened to me yet but I have passed things up because they did not sell well for me in the past only to have my mom or aunt snatch it up and sell it for HUGE profit. lol.

Margaret said...

So a new post from you came up in my reader, yet when I clicked over to your site to post a comment, the page is no longer there? did you take it down? How come?!

lovesports said...

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