Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tricky! Tricky!

Maybe I'm just a little slow...

But I think I've stumbled upon a little "trick of the trade" for some thrift store employees... (aaaand this might cause them to hate me just a little or a lot)

Tonight I walked through every jean section of my local goodwill store.
Because I'm looking to resell.  So I look at all jeans, not just my size and my gender.

At first I found nothing, nothing, nothing, until...
I looked in the women's plus size jeans.  Guess what I found? 

Two pairs of like new Rock Republic (retail $88) and Joe's Jeans (retail $158).

Holla! Cha Ching! Yes Please and Thank You! :)

But here is the kicker.  They WERE NOT plus size.  Far from it.  Size 29 and 30. 

I was in a hurry to get back to my son's soccer practice so I grabbed them, paid for them, patted myself on the back for a successful trip to the thrift and went on my way.

Then tonight, I started thinking... Hmmm.  That actually happens to me A LOT!

Much too often for it to always be a mistake.

I often find the best designer brands in the WAY WRONG section.  I find women's designer brands in the men's section all.the.time.  And this trip is not the first time I've found great (tiny size) designer jeans mixed into the giant (I can say giant, cause it's my size-ha) "Venezia" and "Just My Size" jeans in the plus size section.

The reason this "trick" works for these tricksters MOST of the time, is because most people are just shopping in their size.  So if I'm in the plus size jeans (and I'm not an ebay seller), it doesn't matter how expensive or cute the jeans are, if they are size 28 and I can't fit my right toe in the leg... I won't buy them.  Nobody will.  Until their (the employees) grace period of having to wait to make purchases of new items passes and they can go grab their hidden gem.

Why do I share this story?  Two reasons.

One:  I've out smarted the cheaters! Ha! Whoop whoop! Sorry suckers!
(this is my random blog... I can brag right?!)

Two:  To remind my other reselling friends that you need to check ALL sections and keep your eyes peeled for the "right" prize to be in the wrong section!

Happy Hunting! :)


Samantha said...

I see this ALL the time!! I also look through the kids jeans because I've found size 24/25 designer brands stashed there too!

mrs4jachi said...

Excellent thanks

annabel52 said...

I often wondered why I never found the Chicos brand of anything at an upscale thrift store that I like. I was browsing the "real women" size and "poof" there they were. The person putting the clothes on the floor must think the 1 or 2 in Chicos is X. I'm not gonna tell 'em any different.
My hubby gets frustrated because I take forever in a thrift store, but it pays off.

Susie Q said...

I've found this to be true, too. Either you are correct that the employees are "hiding" them until they are able to buy them (or send a friend/family member in to buy them for them!) or a shopper is hiding them until the color-tag change day (we have it when the certain tag is 50% off each week).

Annabell - I am laughing at your Chico's observation - same thing in our store - the employees don't really know the Chico's sizing so they tend to put them in with the SMALL sizes in our store. I just found a great pair of black Zynergy pants for me yesterday in the Size 2 pants! ;-) $1.50! Gonna keep em for me!

Janessa @ Treasure Hunting Mommy said...

@Susie Q you are right! I didn't think of that but that very well could be the case about other shoppers "misplacing" them until discount day.

Michelle C said...

Oh that is tricky! Not cool!!

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Come to think of it, I find things in the wrong sections all the time. I think you're right! Btw, I just found your blog, and I'm finding lots of great info. I'll be back :)

Margaret said...

That happens to me all the time too. I check every sections not just for resale, but for myself as well. I used to think, wow, can't they tell that this is a woman's shirt, etc. (when in the men's section). But never considered that it might be the employees hiding the stuff. But I bet you are right! Funny.

Margaret @ Live Like No One Else