Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's Your Niche?

I'm realizing that even though I don't claim to have a niche, I definitely have certain things that have become my niche because of my knowledge of those items and also because there are certain items that I don't mind listing and certain items that I DREAD listing.  Those items just sit in tubs in my garage and get put off repeatedly.  I really should just purge them...

But back to my question, do you have a niche?  If so, what?  I'd love to hear!

Right now, mine is denim. 

When I walk into a thrift store... MOST of the time I walk out with a handful of serious designer jeans and every time I'm so confused that they haven't been snatched up before I get there.  In the last month I found a NWT pair of $200 Diesel jeans and a NWT $264 pair of Current Elliott jeans!  And the other day I forgot it was half price day at Goodwill and went in 1 hour before closing (it was insanely packed and busy) and thought for sure it would be painfully picked over... I walked out with a pair of like new Swarovski crystal True Religion jeans for $3.50.

So cray cray!

It sure is fun to be a treasure hunter isn't it?

P.S. I was using Google Reader and it went bye bye so I lost all my blogs I love to read. :(  If you're a blogger and read this blog, please leave a comment and tell me so I can add your blog to my new blog feed.  Please, and thank you.


Kari @ She Thrifts said...

I sell a bit of everything these days, but my favorite is still plush. Sooo easy to photograph, list, store, ship. It's my bread and butter.

melissa said...

I used to think my niche was vintage, but I'm really getting into clothes. Easy to list, store and ship.
I just discovered that I got a 7 for mankind jean skirt at the TS where all clothes are only .99. Didn't even notice the brand until I got home, just grabbed all the denim skirts b/c they were such a good deal!

You can find my blog at

love your blog!

Amanda said...

You can add me, although I haven't posted in quite awhile :)

Janis said...

My niche is still toys, but I am in a state of transition so who knows what category will be my next niche. I can be found at